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Shiny Silver High School Cap & Tassel - Graduation Caps

Shiny Silver High School Cap & Tassel - Graduation Caps

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Each shiny silver cap motor board measures 9.4"sq, and has elastic at head rim for comfort and support. What's great is that you get to pick the colour tassel of your choice from a vast selection of colours. The tassel is 9" long with 6" hang loop for easy fit and metal plated clasp for firm hold. The high school cap tassel includes a free current year charm to acknowledge the graduates year of achievement.

    • Sleek non see-through shiny finish
    • Comfortable band allows one size fits all sizing
    • Strong durable reinforcement throughout
    • Sturdy mortarboard measures 9.4" x 9.4"
    • Extra room under the top button allows easier and quicker access to the tassel
    • High quality Shiny Silver Graduation Tassel
    • Free moving current year charm (signet)
    • Tassel length measures 9” without the hang loop
    • A 6” hang loop allows easy fitting to the cap
    • Each tassel comes with a current year date charm signet
    • Strong reinforcement metal clasp holder

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    Shiny Silver High School Cap & Tassel - Graduation Caps

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    Frequently asked questions

    What is the material of your gowns? Washing instructions?

    Our gowns are all made of 100% polyester. Purely made polyester, like our products, is extremely strong, extremely durable and has excellent properties such as being hydrophobic in nature that leads to quick-drying and stain resistance.

    We recommend dry cleaning for all of our products in order to keep the integrity of the garment. However, our products can be washed in a machine using the gentle cycle or handwashed. For drying, please hang dry. The material can be ironed on a low setting.

    What is the difference between matte and shiny?

    The main difference is the finish of the fabric. Our shiny gowns are a knitted fabric that has more of a shiny look to it giving the colour of the gowns more brightness. Our matte gowns are a woven fabric which has more of a flat dull finish. 

    What is the difference between the Deluxe and the classic/matte gown?

    Our Deluxe gowns have fluting around the shoulders and yoke. They have more fabric used so they tend to be heavier. This is true for all of our deluxe gowns. 

    The deluxe master has a different shape for the batwings. 

    The deluxe doctor has bell sleeves and a braided button to attach the hood whereas the classic does not.

    We cannot do an embroidered chest emblem on the classic doctor. 

    Overall, the deluxe is considered a higher quality gown for your regalia.

    How do I know what gown's colour to choose?

    Please contact your educational institution, as we currently do not have access to school colours.

    What if my school orders with a different company?

    We welcome anyone to order with us! Although, we cannot give assurance or be held responsible for our gowns’ colours matching another company’s gowns. We provide unique shades of gowns are not the same with another vendor's products.

    The colour does not match my university regalia?

    We do not colour match. We have a very specific set of fabrics. We cannot guarantee that our fabric colours will match with another supplier’s fabrics.

    I don’t see the colour I need. Do you provide any that aren’t listed?

    You can email us the colour that you need, we will get back to you with a closed match. 

    We can colour match some products if a bulk order is placed.

    How to select my Graduation gown size?

    You need to provide us with each customer's height with shoes on for the gown and weight. You do not need to provide cap size as our standard caps are one size fits all with elastic. Please see the our size chart

    Do you offer plus sizes?

    We do have regular and full-fit sizes. We have plus sizes in 45, 48, 51, 54, 57, and 63. Please refer to the measuring instructions link for more information on our sizing.

    Can I customize my gown?

    From Pre-K to High School/Bachelor regular gowns, we do not offer other colours than the ones listed on the website. If you are looking to order more than 1000pcs, please email us the Pantone colour and we will get back to you.

    If you need to add a logo or letters on regular gowns, please email us the specifications and we will get back to you with a quote and estimated delivery date. 

    For Deluxe Bachelor, Master gowns, we do offer custom colours and embroidery with no minimum order required. Please email us what you are looking to order and we will provide you a quote. 

    For Doctoral gowns, we offer a listing where you can customize your own gown. You can select your gown colour, piping colour, add embroidery, etc... If you do not see an option that you would like to add on your gown, please email us and we will check if we are able to process your request.

    What does piping mean for the gown/hood?

    Piping is an embroidered thread around the velvet of a gown or hood.

    Why would I need a 4th Chevron on my doctorate gown?

    The 4th Chevron is for the Chancellor or President of a University. If you are neither, do not select "Add 4th Chevron" to your doctorate gown.

    How do I select my hood's colours?

    There is no standardized and unified published listing available of all current school colours.

    While GraduationAttire does maintain a colour chart for degree velvet colours there is no true substitute for contacting your school directly and asking them what colours they are currently using for your graduation apparel. Schools can and sometimes do change their colours on a yearly basis (and even the colour of the gown itself).

    The lining and chevron (satin fabric) represent your school colours. The shell is the material of hood which is always black (polyester fabric, matte finish). The velvet colour represents your specific degree or field of study.

    You always need to choose the colours based on your highest level of education or current school you are attending.

    How do I wear my hood? 

    Place it over your head draping off your shoulders and across the back of your gown. The velvet edge should be on the outside visible from the back. Make sure the lining (field and chevron school colours) are turned out so that people can see from the back your university colours. Usually this is done by turning the velvet trim to the outside at the back just below your shoulders. If you ordered a professional / faculty hood there will be a cord in the back (with two buttons one on each side of the hood) to keep your hood in place and a cord in the front to keep the hood away from your neck. Fasten the front cord to a shirt or dress button. Finally make sure the fabric shell of the hood is smoothed down and lays flat against the back of your robe. 

    Do you offer different sizes for caps/tams/ beefeaters? Are they adjustable? What are they made of?

    Our caps are made of 100% polyester. 

    We provide caps in two sizes: Adult and Child.

    They measure 9"x9".

    The caps are not adjustable.

    What is the difference between 4, 6 or 8 sided tam?

    The level of education attained by the wearer is indicated by the varying number of sides on a tam. Master's graduates commonly wear four or six-sided tams, with the specific choice often determined by the school. It's advisable to verify the appropriate tam style before making a purchase. Tams with six sides are suitable for programs like Ed.S (education specialist) that fall between Master's and Ph.D. Eight-sided tams are typically reserved for Doctoral programs.

    What is beefeater?

    A beefeater, also referred to as a Tudor Bonnet, is a premium hat usually reserved for esteemed officials overseeing graduation ceremonies (deans, presidents, etc...). The standard mortarboard, a square of cardboard encased in polyester, is worn atop the head and traditionally used for primary and secondary school graduations. In contrast, tams are more commonly chosen for advanced graduations like Ed.S and doctoral ceremonies, and occasionally for master's degrees.

    Can I customize my diploma cover?

    Yes, you can with a minimum order of 8 pcs. Please email us with the details of your diploma covers and we can provide you a quote and estimated delivery date.

    What does debossed mean for diploma covers?

    Debossing typically refers to the process of creating a raised or indented design on the surface of the cover. This is achieved by using a die (a metal or other hard material) to press the design into the material of the cover, creating a textured and visually appealing result.

    In the case of diploma covers, debossing is often used to add a tactile and elegant element to the cover. It can be used to feature the school's emblem, logo, or other decorative elements. The debossed design is usually slightly indented into the material, providing a subtle and sophisticated look and feel to the diploma cover.

    How do I know which diploma cover to buy?

    We recommend checking with your school which colour and size to get or you can measure your diploma as well.

    Do you offer customized diplomas?

    Yes, we offer customized options for diplomas with a minimum quantity of 100pcs. Please email us with the details and we will provide you a quote and estimated delivery date.

    I lost my diploma, can I order one on the website?

    Please contact your school directly for a copy of your diploma.

    Do you offer blank diploma?

    Yes we do. Please check our stock diplomas for Kindergarten through High School.

    What is a graduation stole? Can I wear a stole for my graduation?

    A graduation stole is a decorative sash worn by graduates during commencement ceremonies. Stoles are often made of a silky or satin-like material and are worn draped around the neck and over the shoulders, hanging down the front of the graduate's gown. They come in various colours and designs, and the choice of stole often signifies certain achievements, honors, or affiliations.

    Graduation stoles are commonly used to denote academic honors, membership in honor societies, or participation in specific programs or activities. Different colours and patterns may be associated with various academic disciplines, achievements, or organizational affiliations. The wearing of graduation stoles adds a personalized and symbolic touch to the traditional graduation attire, allowing graduates to showcase their accomplishments and affiliations as they celebrate their academic achievements.

    Do you offer customized stoles?

    Yes, we need a minimum of 6 pcs. Please email us the details of your stoles and we will get back to you with a quote and estimated delivery date.

    What is a graduation tassel?

    A graduation tassel is a dangling ornament typically made of silk or a similar material and attached to a loop at the top. It is commonly worn as part of the cap and gown ensemble during graduation ceremonies. The tassel is attached to the mortarboard, which is the square-shaped cap worn by graduates.

    The colour of the graduation tassel often holds symbolic meaning and may represent the graduate's academic discipline, school colours, or specific achievements. During the commencement ceremony, graduates typically begin with their tassels on one side of the cap (often the right side) and then move them to the other side (often the left side) upon receiving their diplomas. This symbolic gesture signifies the transition from being a candidate to a graduate.

    In some cases, graduates may receive special tassels to denote honors, awards, or specific accomplishments. Overall, the graduation tassel is a traditional and symbolic accessory that adds a sense of ceremony and visual distinction to the cap and gown worn during graduation celebrations.

    Do you offer customized tassels and year date drops?

    Please email us the design and quantity, we will get back to you if we are able to process your request. 

    Please note we need a minimum of 10 pcs for customized tassel colours and a minimum of 100pcs for customized year date drops.

    What is a jumbo tassel?

    Jumbo bullion tassels, characterized by their increased thickness, are specifically employed on college tams. These tams often symbolize the field of study pursued by the student.

    Can the year charm on the tassel be removed or changed?

    Year Date Drops can easily be removed and reapplied yourself at home.

    What is a graduation honor cord?

    A graduation honor cord is a decorative accessory worn by graduates during commencement ceremonies to signify academic achievements, honors, or affiliations. Honor cords are typically made of intertwined cords of various colours, and they are worn around the neck with the ends hanging down the front of the graduate's gown.

    The colours of the cords often carry specific meanings, representing different academic achievements or honors. For example, honor cords might indicate graduation with honors, membership in an honor society, participation in specific programs, or other notable accomplishments. The specific colour combinations can vary widely between institutions and organizations. We recommend checking with your school with colours you need to select for your honor cords. 

    Graduates who have earned the right to wear honor cords often do so with pride as a visible symbol of their academic achievements. Honor cords add a personalized and meaningful element to the graduation regalia, allowing students to showcase their accomplishments and distinctions during the ceremony.

    What is a double honor cord?

    A double cord consists of two individual cords joined together at the center, with the knot positioned at the back of the graduate's neck.

    Do you offer customization options for honor cords?

    Yes we do with a minimum of 10 pcs. 

    Please email us the specifications and we will get back to you with a quote and estimated delivery date.

    Can you help me with a mockup of the custom stole/gown/diploma cover I want to order?

    Email us the information of what you are looking to order and we can create a mockup for you.