Collection: Trimmed Graduation Stoles

Collection: Trimmed Graduation Stoles

Trimmed graduation stoles are sashes or decorative garments typically worn by graduates during commencement ceremonies to symbolize various academic achievements, honors, affiliations, or special distinctions. These stoles can vary in design and appearance, but they generally share several common features:

  1. Sash or Stole Base: The primary part of the graduation stole is a rectangular or V-shaped piece of fabric, often made of satin or other similar materials. This base piece is usually draped over the shoulders and hangs down the front of the graduate's gown.

  2. Decorative Trim: As the distinguishing feature, trimmed graduation stoles include a decorative trim that lines the edges of the base fabric. This trim can come in various colours and patterns and is often used to convey the specific meaning or purpose of the stole.

  3. Colours and Symbols: The choice of colours and symbols on the trim is significant. They can represent different academic achievements, honors, affiliations, or cultural backgrounds. For instance, gold or silver trim might signify academic honors, while the colours and symbols of specific organizations or countries can be incorporated into the trim design.

  4. Length and Width: The length and width of the graduation stole can vary. Some stoles are relatively short, reaching just below the neckline, while others are longer, extending to the waist or even further. The width of the stole can also vary, with some being wider for a more prominent display.

  5. Attachment Method: Graduation stoles are often designed with a loop or fastening mechanism to help keep them in place on the graduate's shoulders.

  6. Personalization: In some cases, graduates may have the option to personalize their stoles with their names, graduation year, or other details, typically on the back of the stole.

  7. Multiple Stoles: It's not uncommon for graduates to wear multiple stoles if they have earned several honors or belong to various organizations. In such cases, they may wear the stoles in layers or side by side.

The specific design and symbolism of trimmed graduation stoles can vary from one educational institution to another, and they can also be customized for specific academic programs, achievements, or affiliations. Graduates are often expected to wear their stoles as part of their academic regalia during the commencement ceremony to showcase their accomplishments and affiliations.